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Check out our latest recruitment schedule below.
See you at all the events!

Beginning in the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters, recruitment consists of professional and social events designed to immerse you in DSP and see if we’re the right fit for you!
※Recruitment in Spring 2023 is already finished! If you are interested in joining, please wait until Fall 2023 

Delta Sigma Pi?

Takahiro Kikuchi
Senior, Exchange Students

"I wanted to join DSP because it equipped me with the solid skill to go into the real business world. DSP has not only professional skills, but also I can make life-long and passionate friends. "

Who can join DSP?

We only accept SFSU students in Business related majors.

Can I reach out to the current 
members to learn more?

Yes of course! You can find members’ email or LinkedIn on the DSP Brothers page on the website and email or send messages to any of us to schedule a coffee chat. 

when are the recruitment
events held?

Beginning in the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters,

How can I prepare for 
the recruitment process?

Join some events during recruitment week and see if DSP fits your expectation.

Then you will send us an application (The form will be sent through the process). Then you will take an interview.

What should I wear to each event?

For social events, wear casual clothes. For Professional Events, Business casual is preferable.

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